Star Wars' New Kylo Ren Origin Works Better Than The Last Jedi

The latest Star Wars special teases a different origin for Kylo Ren – one that’s actually better than the one shown in the sequel trilogy.

The latest Star Wars special on Disney+ has given Kylo Ren a better origin story than Star Wars: The Last Jedi – it’s just a shame it isn’t canon. Star Wars has always been a generational saga, and so there’s a sense in which it’s quite fitting that the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa became the villain of the sequel trilogy. But when Kylo Ren made his debut in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, viewers could only speculate why he had fallen to the dark side – fallen so far that he committed patricide.

In truth, it’s now clear Lucasfilm didn’t know themselves; they had some details planned out – such as Rey becoming a Skywalker by claiming the name for herself – but most of the broad story beats were up in the air. Still, Star Wars: The Force Awakens teased a complicated fall to the dark side courtesy of a Forceback experienced by Rey, in which she received visions of the past. She saw what seemed to be the destruction of Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Temple at the hands of the Knights of Ren – with Kylo Ren taking charge of them.

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