Star Wars Setting Up Qi’ra To Be The New Mara Jade – Theory Explained

As Lady Qi’ra is finally expanded upon in comics, Crimson Reign has the potential to turn her into a new continuity version of Mara Jade.

As the Star Wars galaxy continues to expand, Qi’ra could become the new Mara Jade. With the upcoming miniseries Crimson Reign which promises to expand on Crimson Dawn’s intimidating leader, Qi’ra is likely to bear some resemblance to the expanded universe’s most beloved hero.

When Disney acquired Lucasfilm, the Star Wars expanded universe comprised of books, video games, and comics were disregarded and no longer considered canon. Since then, Marvel’s Star Wars titles have rewritten major elements of the galaxy. Although some characters like Grand Admiral Thrawn have returned, storylines have been remixed, with premises retrofitted for new continuity. Similarly, Solo: A Star Wars Story reimagined the origin story of Han Solo, which was first depicted in previous canon’s novelized Han Solo Trilogy written by A. C. Crispin. Among the many characters who haven’t made their way into current canon is Mara Jade, the Jedi love interest of Luke Skywalker.

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