Supergirl Recap with Spoilers: Here’s Everything You Missed in “Magical Thinking”

Last week on Supergirl, Nyxly gained control of the Courage Totem, passing the gauntlet for it while Supergirl failed. That means it was full steam ahead for the next totem while Supergirl and the Super Friends tried to figure out how to stop the Fifth Dimensional Imp – and while Supergirl remained rattled for apparently not being courageous enough.

This week, Nyxly gets her hands on a totem before Supergirl can intervene, but it sets of a lot of chaos in National City, leaving the Super Friends scrambling for how to protect the city and stop Nyxly at the same time. Need to get caught up on the events of this week’s episode of Supergirl, “Magical Thinking”? We’ve got you covered with our recap below but be warned: there are full spoilers beyond this point. 

It’s game night at Kara’s with everyone playing Jenga while waiting for Kara to arrive. She’s been struggling since losing the totem to Nyxly. Lena suggests that she could have something helpful in her mother’s book of spells and Nia tells her that it sounds a lot like magic and her dream powers are similar. Kara then tells Lena that William is going to be embedded with the Super Friends. Kelly also lets the team know that she has an appointment to check on one of the foster kids and Kara starts laughing uncontrollably because Nyxly is happy. Turns out there’s another totem in National City.

Kelly checks in on Esme with her new foster family and it’s going well. Esme makes her a special bracelet.

J’onn brings William to the Tower and starts to show him around. They tell him the ground rules: don’t reveal the Tower location, don’t reveal identities or try to find them out, run stories by them before filing them. Nyxly’s ship then shows up over the city. Turns out, the totem is absurdly easy to get. Nyxly just takes it from a fighter at a match and claims it, but when Supergirl shows up, Nyxly spreads some sort of energy causing everyone to start fighting. It’s turned people depraved.

The totem is Humanity and Nyxly activating it has impacted a few hundred, making them gleeful to harm each other and cause mayhem. Lena thinks she’s found a spell in her mother’s book that will let them track her. William asks to speak with Supergirl. He wants to tell the public what is going on, report the situation with Nyxly. Supergirl wants him not to because Nyxly doesn’t know that they have magic on their side, too. She then flies off, hearing someone crying out for help. However, Andrea is pressuring William to reveal all now. She’s even hacked his computer. She tells him to come back with what she wants or not at all.

Lena and Nia work on Lena’s magic, specifically trying to get the spell to work but it seems to have backfired as Nia now doesn’t know her directions. Supergirl is suddenly overwhelmed with another of Nyxly’s feelings, compassion. On Mitch’s ship, Nyxly suddenly seems to have a ton of compassion for Mitch. She is excited, thinking that things may be very easy going forward. They get a clue as to where the next totem is, and it’s in the Netherlands.

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