The 87 Games I Played Last Year And The Ones I Recommend

For the 14th straight year, I’m listing all the games I’ve played in the past 12 months. I’m also offering some recommendations. I’m a little late this year, because of distractions, but I’m not going to let anything end this tradition.

When I first started tracking the games I’d played in a given year, I focused on the number of games I started and the number I finished. I’ve changed my methodology since then. I’m listing more games that are slightly older, because I’ve found myself going back to releases from prior years in order to give them a little more time. I’ve also stopped counting the number of games I finish, because what does it even mean to finish a game these days? Instead, I now bold the games I played and liked enough to recommend.

Some quick observations about what I played in 2019:

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