The Only Seinfeld Episode George Costanza Wasn’t In (& Why)

The Seinfeld season 3 episode “The Pen” is the only episode of the sitcom to not feature Jason Alexander as George, and here’s why that is.

“The Pen” was the only Seinfeld episode to not feature Jason Alexander as George Costanza, and here’s why that happened. The episode takes place early in Seinfeld season 3, and follows Jerry and Elaine as they travel to Florida to attend an event in honor of Jerry’s father. While visiting, Jerry becomes infatuated with an “astronaut pen” belonging to one of his parents’ neighbors, which ultimately becomes a source of conflict in a very humorous manner.

There were a few aspects that set “The Pen” apart from the previous Seinfeld episodes. It changed up locations, shifting the action to Florida instead of New York City, providing an entertaining commentary on elderly communities in the state. “The Pen” was also noteworthy because Jerry and Elaine were the only main characters to appear. The episode was the first to not include George, and the second without Kramer (who previously sat out “The Chinese Restaurant” in season 2). In retrospect, George missing a single episode doesn’t seem like a big deal, but at the time, it caused a bit of a rift behind-the-scenes.

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