The Video Game Music That Helped Us Through 2020

2020 was tough. There were nights we wondered where and how this year would end. Just when things seemed like they couldn’t get worse, they did time and again. On every level, it was difficult just to get through the day. One of the things that helped us through was music. Specifically, video game music. Music therapy is real. Sometimes, it was listening to a vocal rendition of Schala’s theme from Chrono Trigger, thinking about the way we wished we could go back and change time. Other nights, the upbeat tracks from Castlevania; Dawn of Sorrow and the vocal remixes from Final Fantasy Pray brought calm and serenity. Here’s some of the tracks that we were especially grateful for.

This year brought a lot of uncertainty for me (Narelle), as it has so many others. As the months rolled on, each day almost indistinguishable from the next, I wondered how life could be altered. Some of the big concerns were staying safe and healthy, along with job security—and let’s be real, I’m carrying these worries into 2021 as well.

I played video games and turned to my backlog, which isn’t new, to destress. When I wasn’t wrapped up in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, I played little else. Of the handful of games I managed to complete, Sabotage Studio’s 2018 game, The Messenger, was one of the best. The humour, which included the fourth wall breaking kind, was just so good. For a couple hours at a time, the platforming challenges kept my mind focused and diverted from being weighed down by heavy life concerns. The story of a bleak future was a future I knew I could alter, even as the real world events of 2020 became ever darker and even more oppressive.

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