Tootsie Roll Employee’s Finger Cut Off by Machine, Company Could Face $136K Fine

One of the nation’s largest candy brands, Tootsie Roll Industries, is facing up to $136,000 in fines after an employee at its flagship Chicago factory had part of their finger amputated by a machine.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommended that the chocolate company pay a proposed penalty of $136,532 after they found that the “employer allowed bypassed safety locks on a machine’s access doors that enabled a bag sealer to close on an employee’s finger,” according to a press release.

The incident in question took place in the factory on April 19, according to OSHA. The unnamed 48-year-old employee had reportedly reached into an exposed part of the machine that had been left unguarded in order to retrieve a paper that had gotten stuck. When he did so, the jaws of the machine closed shut around his hand, which ended up cutting off a portion of his finger.

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