What Are Your Video Game Resolutions For 2021?

Gaming resolutions? Well, I’m hoping to really go all in on 4K for…Hold on. What’s that? Ah, my editor tells me we more or less cracked this exact joke last year. And that it’s bad. And that I should feel bad. (I regret nothing.)

New Year’s is usually a period of fresh starts and tuned perspectives. “New Year, New You,” all that jazz. This year, though, it’s hard to muster such sanguine pomp. Broad resolutions—travel, hit the gym, nail down a work-life balance, pretend you’re a tourist in your own city—are currently off the table. No one can say for sure when life as we know it will go back to being life as we know it, so such brazen declarations are fraught, to say the least. But video games are totally, ahem, fair game. (I still regret nothing.)

“I’m going to play more games,” my colleague Ethan Gach tells me. “I say this every year but this time I mean it. This means playing fewer games to completion, especially large, padded, open-world ones, and spending less time running the same missions over and over again in endless looters like Destiny 2. It also means restricting online multiplayer sessions to the times when I actually have friends available to play with. How many super-short indie games might I have been able to try out in the two hours it took to drop ranks again while playing Rocket League solo? But mostly this means less mindless scrolling on my phone. The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are always a race as I try to catch up on all the games everyone has spent all year telling me are wonderful, and it sucks. The holidays should be a time to relax and get some perspective on life, not pulling finals-like cram sessions as I set out on an eggnog-addled death march through my backlog. I love games. I want to play more games. In 2021 I finally will.”

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