What Defines A Backlog?

It’s Backlog Month at Kotaku, which means we’re spilling a lot of ink on a plight shared by basically everyone who plays games. But this got us wondering: What defines a backlog? At what point does a game jump from being anything else in your library to being a (likely permanent) fixture on your ever-growing list of things you’ll “get to someday”?

Here are the ground rules for such matters. Some people might be inclined to say they’re “flexible” or “up for debate” or a “total gray area, dude,” but those people are dead wrong. These rules are written in stone. So it is said. So it shall be.

You bought it on sale: It’s in your backlog. Doesn’t matter when you bought it. Doesn’t matter how marked down it was. If you picked up a game on sale, it automatically goes into your backlog.

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