What Is a 1.5 DIN Car Stereo?

Most cars came with either a single or double DIN radio, with “double” meaning twice that of single DIN. But there are thousands of vehicles with head units that fall into a strange in-between category. These head units are typically referred to as 1.5 DIN or Din-and-a-half.

“1.5 DIN” or “Din-and-a-half” refers to head units that are sized somewhere between single and double-DIN units. Put simply, they are half the height of double DIN units—or half again the height of single DIN.

While dozens of automakers have used the single and double DIN form factors, 1.5 DIN is far less common. It is most often found in GM vehicles, including Chevy, Cadillac, and GMC cars and trucks.

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