Why The World Should Be Using More Nuclear Energy (And Why It Isn't)

Nuclear power is understandably considered dangerous by many, but in reality, it is a clean, safe, and efficient means of energy production.

The world should be using more nuclear power because it is clean, safe, reliable, and a highly efficient means of energy production, so why isn’t that happening? Nuclear power has been around for decades and there have been many improvements over older designs to help add more safety as well as efficiency to the plants. These power plants are a major benefit to society and could help pave the road towards a carbon-free energy future.

The background of nuclear power has both a positive and negative history which starts with the scientific discovery of nuclear fission by Otto Frisch and Lise Meitner in 1938, which lead to the development of the atomic bomb. Nuclear fission can have catastrophic results when used as a weapon, and an improperly designed power plant can lead to disasters like Chernobyl in 1986. Sometimes, even properly designed plants can fail such as the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan back in 2011. These cases of disasters occurring from nuclear power have painted a picture in the minds of many that nuclear energy is dangerous and leads to massive death or radiation poisoning. But, perception and reality are two different things and nuclear fission is far from the deadly energy source that has been painted by years of misunderstanding.

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