Wizards of the Coast Quietly Cancels Dragon+ Magazine

The online magazine Dragon+ is no more. The digital magazine published by the marketing agency Dialect in collaboration with Wizards of the Coast has folded after 41 issues. The last issue was published in April 2022, with a brief update published on July 20th that confirmed the end of the digital magazine. “We’re incredibly proud of Dragon+‘s success in reaching audiences through its app space as well as,” wrote Wizards of the Coast Digital Marketing Manager Bart Carroll in the update about the magazine. “However, as we evolve D&D’s presence online, we’ve decided that Dragon+ 41 will be the final issue we’ll be publishing in the current format.” 

Wizards of the Coast and Dialect launched Dragon+ as the successor to the long-running Dragon magazine back in 2015, focusing on various Dungeons & Dragons merchandise. The magazine featured interviews with Wizards of the Coast designers, segments on Forgotten Realms lore, and previews of upcoming Dungeons & Dragons books. It also had segments focusing on D&D streams and material published on the DMs Guild, a marketplace where third party publishers could sell game material using D&D IP.

It appears that some of the features planned for Dragon+ has migrated to D&D Beyond, which Wizards of the Coast purchased earlier this year. A lengthy article focused on the writers of Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel appeared on D&D Beyond last month and was written by Dragon+ editor-in-chief Matt Chapman. D&D Beyond has also hosted near-daily previews of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space, providing detailed looks at playable races and monsters found in that book.

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