WWE’s Escape The Undertaker: How to Get Every Possible Ending

Escape The Undertaker, a new interactive film starring WWE’s The New Day and The Undertaker, officially dropped on Netflix on Tuesday. The interactive nature of the 31-minute movie allows viewers to help Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods make certain decisions as they try to navigate through “The Deadman’s” mansion in order to get their hands on his mysterious Urn. And while not every decision will determine whether or not you get the movie’s “true ending,” there are a few options that will lead to alternate endings where the movie will immediately restart and give you the chance to take the other choice. 

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Check out every possible ending of Escape The Undertaker in the list below. Did you make it to the true ending on your first try? Let us know in the comments below!

The movie’s “true” ending requires a few decisions to be made. First, when Big E discovers the Power Vial in Undertaker’s library make sure you pick the option to keep it rather than put it back. Then during the final confrontation E will be given the option to either grab The Urn or destroy it while Kingston and Woods have Undertaker held up with a chain. Choose to destroy it.

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