X-Men: Marvel Just Brought Back a Mutant That Could Change Everything

Marvel just brought back the one mutant who could change the entire trajectory of the X-Men Universe! Such are the stakes established in this week’s X-Men comic book release, X-Men: Inferno #1. That comic steps back for a timely survey of the rebooted X-Men story concept from Jonathan Hickman, which started back in 2019’s House of X / Powers of X event series. The X-Men’s mutant nation of Krakao has become a mutant homeland akin to paradise for many – but secrets that have been buried (or sidelined by the creative team) are finally rearing their ugly heads in Inferno… 

Warning – X-Men: Inferno #1 SPOILERS Follow! 

Krakoa’s two iconic leaders – Professor Xavier and Magneto – have been keeping the biggest secret of this new age of mutant unity and prosperity under wraps all along: Moira X. House of X revealed that Moira Mactaggert is actually an Omega-level mutant with a one-of-a-kind gift: reincarnation. The Moira of the current Marvel Universe is actually on her tenth lifetime ( or ‘Life X’), which may be the end of her run. 

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